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Why DailyFROG?

Daily FROG is a simple framework through which we can set out intentions to best set us up to achieving fulfillment built on the four pillars.

It is a collaboration of Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy and the Urgent/Important Matrix by Steven Covey.

When we do what matters most in the day first we set ourselves up for success. If we had to eat a live frog, most of us would put it off til the last minute... What I've noticed is that for many of us the live Frog we avoid eating and taking care of is ourselves. So many people put everything and everyone else first and forget to take care of and nourish and nurture themselves.

So first and foremost is #ForMe - how are you going to nourish and nurture yourself today?

By addressing what is #Required from us today we establish the parameters in which we can work. Set out your appointments, you task commitments and make sure you are setting yourself up for success. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Each and every day to connect with ourselves even more we must go above and beyond the routines, the habits, the external pressures, what we feel we must, and include something that makes us feel #Outstanding. It could be tying up a loose end, or being extraordinary in some way. It is a response to our past or future selves. Taking care of the tasks our past self left for its future self, our present self today or being the version of ourselves today that our future self will look back on with gratitude, as it views its past self. Choose this intention first thing and get it done as soon as possible.

The quality of our life is never measured by the actions we take alone, by what we can tick off, but by our relationships, if you are in business the key to developing new relationships is to #GiveValue. Set this intention, big or small. If your business is your focus, this value must extend beyond your family and your current clients. We must connect and establish new relationships by giving value to those in our outer circles, on the edge of being invited into our world. To be clear on how you can #GiveValue to this group check out the post below or click on the header image.

So that's it, a simple overview. Each and everyday is laid before you, you can operate on default, or you can Design Your Success each and every morning. Some days you will succeed and achieve all your intentions, other days things will happen. Each and every day you will have achieved something, made progress in some way, I encourage you to celebrate your progress (big or small) with #TADA, TADA stands for Things Already Done & Accomplished.

If you want to join a group with an intention to champion and be championed, get inspired by the action others take, and take this step on your journey to live a life that is meaningful #ForYou you will find us at:

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