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Why Buying a Plan Wont Work for You!!

Too often I see people find a system, or a plan, or a set of guidelines and dive right in - it's the planner you've got on your shelf with two pages full... Or the colour coded meal plan that you'd stopped using by Tuesday, or the set of checklists you bought that you never opened... You see Planning and getting Organised isn't a one size fits all thing - though the Guru's out there will tell you all the time - just follow the system and you'll get success... And some people will, which always makes it feel worse when it's not us. If you've ever been part of a course or traning with that System mentality and walked away feeling like there was something wrong with you, you were faulty or broken cause you couldn't make it work, this post is for you. I get it. I've read dozens of books, followed planning and organising guru's for long enough that I've been there. I read the book, download the 5 step system, attempt to implement it, only to find a week or two later that I've fallen off the wagon. There are a bunch of reasons for this, but mostly it's because the system they have is ideal for them, for their patterns, their style of planning and being organised. Not mine, and for many of you, not yours. This is why almost everything I share has some room for flexibility and adaptability. Unless it really is universal (meaning applies to everyone all the time). The DailyFROG system evolved because I knew even for myself I needed to be able to change what I do to align with my mood, my energy levels, and my natural ebb and flow cycles. So, if you go out and pick up any old planner, or someone else's system, chances are it won't work for you. Sometimes we get lucky and it fits our priorities, preferences, and patterns, but it's rare. Before you buy the next system, or find a guru to tell you what to do, then I'd invite you to take 45 minutes of your day and discover: "What Planner Style Are You?" with a short quiz and unpack. It takes into consideration your uniqueness, the 4 most common types of planning preferences, and most of all, isn't one size fits all. Each conversation I've done has been insightful and personalised. True understanding comes through reflection and conversation (not just filling in an online form). You can learn more and book your individual session here: Whatever you do, moving forward, make sure the person you are following takes into consideration the unique preferences of every individual.

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