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What does #DailyFROG look like in the day to day?

My desk.

#DailyFROG isn’t always a neat, tidy, organised journey. It isn’t about looking good, getting it right or giving yourself a checklist to berate yourself about when you don’t succeed. It is a practice through which you connect more deeply with what matters most, blending productivity with mindfulness. Sometimes that’s messy. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes it comes with tears. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s uplifting. Sometimes it weighs heavily.

However it feels, however it looks, it’s an opportunity to connect more with you, which is how we develop a deep sense of fulfillment in each and everyday.

Above you can see layered my connection with myself this morning. My blend of productivity with mindfulness. Starting with some handwritten journalling and many tears as I released a deep fear and belief formed long ago.

Then my #DailyFROG list, checking what I did Tuesday, what I didn’t and carrying it over to today, using productivity principles from the Bullet Journal System . Taking care of #Outstanding not sure if you can see the Asana and Hubspot tabs on my computer open for #Options. My digital calendar open to assess #Required.

On the back of today’s #DailyFROG a list of projects deleted from HubSpot and to be transferred to Asana as I reset my planning to a way that works for me now.

Three books pulled out as references as I #GaveValue to a fellow coach this morning. Which inspired a new Project in Asana to keep me even more focused and organised.

My period tracker waiting to be reviewed and a new one ready to colour as I start a new month.

YouTube on my computer as I set some space #ForMe to use music to build on my reset. As Ryder Carrol says in the book Bullet journalling: This is a combination of Productivity and Mindfulness. For some people they use colours, and drawings and pictures to bring mindfulness to their paper planners. And rock forth. Others keep the book more focused on productivity, and do mindfulness through meditation or walking or other means. Others dump the pen and paper, and use digital systems following similar principles of tracking and carrying over for productivy, and on occasion use pen and paper journalling as part of the mindfulness. Preferring to use music, and such for connection. I use productivity principles from the Bullet Journal system, coupled with those of Getting Things Done, and 7 habits of highly effective people, alongside the scoreboard concept from 4 disciplines of execution and I blend paper and digital. And the mindfulness techniques developed from the principles in Ultimate You by Sharon Pearson, coupled with many other human behaviour models and understanding my own needs. It works for me.

However you do it, if you are somehow embracing a way of being productive, alongside or in combination with being more mindful, aiming to feel more fulfilled each and every day, you are a #DailyFROG'r.

If you'd like to join a community of like minded people, share moments where you connect more deeply with yourself, and discover how to blend a mindfulness practice with productivity, join us.

Click this link for access: I'll see you there.

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