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Sometimes it feels like the light will never come.

Whatever we do, however, we live, there will be moments of dark tunnels for us all. Some seem longer than others.

Sometimes it feels like the light will never come.

The answer always is to keep moving.

If we sit down, if we stop for long periods of time, we won't make progress, we won't find the light. So even if you are stumbling, even if you can't see and have no idea where you are heading, keep moving, rest if you must, but don't give up, the beauty of being in a tunnel is that they are singular and if we find an edge, hold on and keep walking, in time, with action, we will once again find ourselves in the light.

And sometimes, we will get a glimmer of light, and then we plunge back into another tunnel. That's okay. Even the ten tunnels not far from my home still eventually come to an end. Breath in the light, rejuvenate in that space and keep going.

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It's through the tunnels we find what we are made of. It's through the tunnels we discover how resilient we are. It's through the tunnels we build self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-reliance, all of which equip and empower us to move through the next tunnel.

Also, if you find yourself in a tunnel, in the darkness, it's okay to call out for help. Someone who has traversed that tunnel or one similar, they can come to sit with you a while and be the guiding light you follow out. We don't need to endure them alone.

Over the years in business, as a mum, battling depression I've encountered many dark tunnels. If you'd like to read about one of them, my first year as a Mum, you can check out my book called "(in)Sanity - Journey through Darkness"

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