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Our Goals are how we determine if a belief is limiting or loving.

Be discerning in what you label as Limiting.

Coaches tend to throw around ‘limiting belief’ as if it’s candy falling from a piñata...

Let’s be clear - a belief is only considered to be limiting if it gets in the way of achieving our desired goals.

"If it's not in the calendar it's not happening" could be limiting if you never put things in your calendar. Or it could be a great way to inspire yourself to take action.

"I'm not a structured person" is going to be perfect if you want to deny that part of yourself that has habits, routines, and rituals. If you want to feel like you are moving through life as a contrast, this will serve well. Embracing the rebel within, this belief could work really well. If you want to accept that you are so much more than that, and all behaviours, all attributes are available to us, then anything beginning with "I'm Not..." is limiting.

As ironically is anything that starts with "I am..."

"I’ll discover my preferences, what works, and create success by myself" is great if you can...

Most people can't and need a level of support and reflection.

To determine if a belief is limiting we must first determine our outcome. We must be aware of our personal preferences in achieving the outcome. There is no one right way to run a business, tidy a house, or live a life we love.

What do you want to achieve?

Our Goals are how we determine if a belief is limiting or loving.

I believe the pathway to achieving our goals starts with a design, that is then turned into a plan, that we use as our guide to create success. (Some may say that is a limiting belief, but it sure helps me and my clients!!)

If a belief stops you from designing, planning, or creating the success you desire as outlined by your goals, it is limiting. If it supports you, then rock forth and go get your dreams.

You deserve them. To continue conversations like this and surround yourself with a team of champions on the journey to create a life you love join us at:

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