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Magic didn't happen when the clock hit midnight...

2021 is here, and the world didn't transform.

One of the greatest misconceptions is that as the calendar ticks over magical things will happen. I almost bought into it this year. All the talk of 2021 being better.

And still, this side of the date change, life goes on. Shitty things happen. You see change doesn't happen for the better because the calendar changed, change happens because change happens.

I was chatting with a group of coaches on Monday in the connect and collaborate networking and one of them (the amazing Pk Savy) said something like: The only constant is change.

Unless we have deliberated Designed our Success and know where we want to head (with a level of unattachement) then change will happen, but it's not going to change us, it's not going to magically turn the world around overnight.

Change will happen. A life you love won't appear by chance. It will appear as you take action to CREATE it. To create something, it's often wise to at least have an inkling of what it is we are aiming to create.

We're now 2 weeks into January and the stats say that anyone who set new years resolutions is about to fall off the wagon and stop doing whatever it was they set out to do. The biggest reason for this is most are set with a plan, without taking into consideration the key elements to DESIGN Success.

Maybe you are rocking it, and you are on track, and kudos to you.

Or maybe, like many, you are floundering a little. My goals are being set late this year. I'm still in a little bit of limbo. 2020 was a wild ride. But it won't deter me from taking action now to start to Design my Success, and Create a life I love.

This is why I'm running the free Design Your Success workshop. A time to come together, to reflect, regroup, and reignite in ourselves what it takes to Design and Create a life we love.

Change will happen. The question is how will you know if it's taking you closer to your dreams, or further away? Will you know if an experience is one that aligns with your success (or hinders it)?

The DESIGN process allows you to open up your mind to explore alternative perspectives. Designing our success, looking at possibilities (instead of problems) requires a level of curiosity. A willingness to explore your Dreams, commitment to set intentions for Experiences, focus to set Sustainable goals that tap into your Internal motivators. Enough passion to help you Get out of your way to set yourself up to PLAN & C.R.E.A.T.E a Life you Love. It covers 6 key areas with exercise in each.

Dream - tap into your past, present, and desired future.

Experiences - in all areas of your life

Sustainable Goals - that account for the available time energy and effort you can devote to achieving them.

Internal motivation - because without an internal driver we are setting ourselves up to quit right off the bat.

Getting out of your way - and letting go of preconceived ideas to embrace new possibilities available to you.

Next steps - once you have your goals it's time to PLAN & Create the life you love.

This is available as an online course, but right now I'm excited to be able to share it for free in a live workshop on January 16th 2021.

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