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Is life squeezing you?

I’m in a training this week, a blend of skills to improve my coaching and help on the journey to become a professional human being.

Loads of insights shared yesterday, this one stood out.

Either we take control, take action, make conscious decisions about what we get out of life (squeeze life) or life will happen to us, and we will feel defeated, helpless, or hopeless - life squeezes us.

It’s easy to shift in this paradigm - make a choice that connects you with more of who you are capable of becoming. Take an action that moves you towards your dreams. Own that this version of you is your creation, and you can create yourself however you choose moving forward.

The 5 steps to fulfilment challenge hold within it some great starting steps to squeeze life. To take back control of your destiny. To choose where you place your focus in a way that puts you back in the drivers seat, with a road map to find your way to results, blended with presence. Productivity + PRACTICE is the formula for fulfilment. When we squeeze every last drop from life, we feel fulfilled.

When will now be a great time to say yes to this adventure? If you don’t squeeze the most from life, who will?

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