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Does it seem like your tracking is stop/start?

Want to know why this is NORMAL and how to leverage your tracking so that you make the most of it? If you haven't yet met the 4 characters related to your menstrual cycle start here:

How the 4 characters relate to Tracking

Penny is cool to track, as long as the lists are short, and related to the final outcome. Any useless or surplus tracking that doesn't relate she will ignore.

Flossy prefers to talk or journal rather than tick boxes, however if she knows others are doing it to, and can see a group benefit she can generally be convinced to play along. She does like to close up loose ends and make sure things behind the scenes are neat and tidy. Ovanna is so busy doing stuff, taking action, sometimes being sidetracked by new things she needs reminders to come and follow the lists, and even more so to fill in any tracking. Lily loves to write lists, she loves to create checklists, things to track, even at times lists about lists. In terms of tracking, she is far less active, she prefers to create the systems rather than follow them. She will transfer data, but not create it. For example she will gather information from a calendar to create a log of activities that were completed. She also prefers more tangible, measurable data, numbers based, rather than emotional or subjective data, she leaves that for Penny, Flossy and Ovanna.

What does all this mean?

That there will be times when your tracking wont be done without pushing against your natural energy. This is why some weeks it feels like your pushing shit up hill when you try and fill in the trackers, when just last week it felt natural and aligned.

Armed with this information you can take away 2 key things.

Productivity: Track and schedule with the phases Practice: Be kind to yourself based on the phase you are in.

In Summary

Penny Productivity: Goal setting, Dreaming, Vision Boards, Practice: Solutions. Release old patterns. Flossy Productivity: Connect Dreams to Benchmarks. Tie up loose ends. Build relationships. Practice Bring pragmatism to life Ovanna Productivity: Take Action Practice: Creativity Lily

Productivity: Checklists. Numbers analytics. Spreadsheets. Did I mention lists? Practice: What's not working? Areas to grow.

Practice: Be kind to yourself based on the phase you are in.

Knowing what is more natural, knowing what aligns more with the phase you are in, be gentle. I know for myself (and many others) Lily is not inclined to track, and is inclined to beat myself up for not tracking. In this phase I insist she be kind to herself. I also drop my requirements of tracking to a more numeric focus, and only 2 or 3 items. This week it was sex, and diet, and even then they are not coloured in. Ovanna is allowed to go off script, somewhat. I turn up my reminders, use alarms, tips and tricks to keep me focused, alongside of letting her just go wild and do some stuff we've been dreaming of; as long as we take care of the essentials, we can play. Flossy loves to tie up loose ends, again though I need to remind her to be gentle, if Ovanna, Lily or Penny have gone totally overboard, Flossy can't tie up all the loose ends and so she needs to prioritise and be gentle on leaving some things undone. It's not ALL her responsibility, it doesn't all need to be done yesterday. Penny is a dreamer, she can get caught up a little in dreaming and not acting, and that's okay. Like with Ovanna I create space to leverage her super-power, and use reminders to get the essentials done behind the scenes.

The key with this is to tune into which phase you are in, which character is bubbling to the surface, and allow them the space to be who they are in the moment. Letting the visionary in Penny explore, the architect in Lily plan and design, the collaborator in Flossy connect and close gaps, and the Dynamo in Ovanna become unleashed.

Productivity: Track and schedule with the phases

Knowing what we know, how do we adapt our planning to align with the phases?

Things that don't need to be done daily or weekly get scheduled to the right phase. It wont always work, most of us don't have clockwork cycles. However we can loosely apply things to fit the phases. There are also some things that will drain energy far more rapidly in some phases or will create unsustainable results.

Lily loves to design and plan. This is the best time to create lists, lots and lots of lists. Checklists. Numbers analytics. Spreadsheets. Did I mention lists? It is NOT the best time to create goals - they will be rigid, too detailed, and unsustainable. It's also NOT the best time to assess your emotional well being. Lily does really well focusing on what is not working (and with training can be flipped to find what we want instead, but it does take training). Leverage this and create lists of all the areas you could potentially grow, and then hand it over to Penny to dream big and discover what we want.

Penny loves to dream. She is a visionary. Don't expect her to make the plan, she creates the dreams, its up to Lily to plan, Flossy to collaborate and Ovanna to take the Big actions required. Penny can look over the plans Lily made, and the lists of whats not working and find solutions. She'll dream big and bold. Penny is also in a release phase, she will let go of anything that doesn't serve. It's a great time to journal out past experiences with the intention of releasing limiting beliefs. It's a great time for rituals. Starting a new chart, and checking that the tracking aligns to the bigger purpose.

Flossy will collaborate to work out what is realistic, what is sustainable. She is far more connected to energy levels, moods, emotional considerations. She is very pragmatic. She will look at the negatives presented by Lily, the possibilities from Penny and turn them into something practical. She is the bridge between Dreams, Plans and what needs to be Acted on. She has the greatest self awareness. Tapped into the actual experiences, not skewed overly positive or negative, she sees what is. This is a great time to nourish the mind, add in benchmarks of who you want to become.

Ovanna is filled with creativity. She wants to take action, get stuff done. With focus, and reminders, she will take Penny's Dreams, Lily's Lists, And Flossy's pragmatic plan and bring the actions to life.

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