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Asana vs Trello

The Major distinctions between the apps came down to:

1. Asana's List View and Trellos ability to have custom background view. 2. Asana's Task interactivity provided by being able to view 'My Tasks'

Of the choices available based on functionality and ability to review projects through both board and list views

my current personal preference Asana

Irrespective of which software/app we choose to utilise it is imperative that we know how to break projects apart into categories for our column/list headings that make project management easy. When you want to discover how to choose the titles that make the most of using the Column/List features in these kinds of software click this link to access a recent post on Planning a Project.

For now, let's dive in and look more closely at the differences between Asana and Trello.


Both offer a Freemium version.

The rates are then comparable and within $1 or so as you upgrade.

At this stage as a small company with limited number of team members the only upgrade I seek is the ability to create templates. Both offer this on the first payment tier.

Current at August 12th 2019 - Please check to confirm any adjustments made

View Options

The major distinctions were the difference between being able to have a background image in Trello, and being able to use the List View in Asana.

Asana Vs Trello Pop Out Boards View

The greatest difference here was that Asana has an extra menu including the migration to 'My Tasks' and teams are also visible alongside the projects. Asana is also able to have this menu pinned to the side as you work.

Asana / Trello Board View

Trello comes out trumps for two reasons here

1. The aesthetics of being able to add in a custom background

2. The numbered display of subtasks that are completed

Both have:

- Column (Asana) / List (trello)

- Tasks (Asana) / Cards (trello)

- Drag n Drop moveability of Task/Cards on and between Columns/Lists

- Easy add features.

- Type and hit enter for task/card additions.

Adding a list in Asana you can hit enter to add. In Trello you must click “Add List” Button

Asana / Trello Calendar View

There was no real difference between the functionality and appearance of monthly calendars.

Trello Weekly View

Asana doesn't offer the weekly view in Calendar View.

Asana List View

Trello doesn't offer a list view. Asana offers the list view, both within projects and within the My Tasks feature.

There are a number of ways these lists can be sorted.

There is also full drag and drop functionality to rearrange tasks.

Side by Side Asana Vs Trello Home Screen View

Task Planning Features

The key differences in Task Planning: Assigning due dates to sub-tasks Abilitity to add Multiple layers of tasks Transfer Checklists from other tasks Copy and Paste from Word, Excel or other documents. Flag tasks with a 'Likes' feature.

Both can - assign tasks to different members. - add a due date for the overall task.

- add labels for sorting. - add attachments.

- add Subtasks (Asana) or Checklists (Trello). - have comments and conversation with other team members (or yourself) in the task

Asana / Trello Task view

Functionality of task creation and maintenance:

- Trello allows the import of checklists from other Cards making transfer easy between tasks that are similar or the same as other tasks in your projects. However in terms of functionality of task planning Asana comes out on top because: - Asana allows the subtasks to have individual due dates and assigning to team members.

- Asana allows a copy n paste from other Tasks, as well as directly from excel or word lists.

- Asana enable comments and subtasks to be added to subtasks.

- Asana enables you to ‘Like’ Tasks and Sub Tasks which means you can sort based on this feature.

Creating Due Dates

Both allow due dates to be set on main tasks.

Asana allows a time to be applied or not. Trello insists on a time being applied.

Asana allows due dates on subtasks. Trello has a scheduled reminder feature.

Asana has a repeat task once completed feature.

The choice here is between due dates for subtasks (Asana) or reminder features (Trello).

Task Tracking

Asana by far comes out in front when it comes to tracking progress on tasks.

While the Trello display of subtasks or checklist items completed in the board view is an amazing feature. The other features that Asana bring to the table in terms of sorting, managing and viewing tasks both within the project and across multiple projects takes the lead.

Phone Apps

The contrast between the phone apps is very silar to the contrasts between the main apps. Trello again comes out because the subtasks are easy to see in board view, however Asana counteracts this by providing the list view. The choice will come down to personal preference.

In Summary

Overall the major difference between the two is Trello’s ability to change the background image, and Asana’s list view.

Which leaves it down to a choice between Aesthetics and Functionality.

My personal preference is


based on functionality and ability to review projects through both board and list views

Irrespective of which software/app you choose to utilise it is imperative that you know how to break projects apart into categories for your column/list headings that make tracking easy.

To discover how to choose the titles that make the most of using the Column/List features in these kinds of software click this link to access a recent post on Planning a Project.

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