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                Taking Care of TODAY

                Access 5 keys to daily planning you'll put into action

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                Planning Guide

                We all have so much that attempts to take our attention away from us achieving our dreams.  

                Most commonly it stems from a lack of desire or resistance to create or follow through on our plans. 

                Not planning well has people in a state of FOG.  Too many people are living in a space of Frustration, Overwhelm, or Guilt because they are not able to connect the dots between their goals and actions. 

                One of the most common reasons for this is the missing link between our Dreams or Goals and what we need to connect them to action.  We want to take an approach to planning that allows us to create a bridge between our desired outcomes and our actions.  

                To do this we must learn to think between the lines. 

                In the Taking Care of TODAY mini-course we explore how to look at planning through this lens. 

                Exploring the bridge that connects our actions with our outcomes.   



                YOUR SUCCESS

                ONLINE WORKSHOP
                A day working through the grounded guide to set goals you will create. 


                ENQUIRE NOW


                with GRACE

                GROUP MENTORING
                Turn your goals into easy to
                manage action steps and
                access weekly accountability


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                a Life you Love

                VIP MEMBERSHIP 
                Access 1:1 support and a library
                of resources to take your
                success to the next level. 


                ENQUIRE NOW

                Share your wins, struggles, and intentions in a warm, safe, connected environment. 

                Champion others on their journey to create a life they love

                Empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you approach your day, create time for you, and connect with extraordinary people

                Happy Friends

                Do you want to make every day count? 

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                Amy Taylor

                Amy Taylor is your Grounded Planning Specialist (GPS) in the journey of life.  She is the creator of the #DailyFROG movement.

                Living with her husband of  16+ years, 4 children, and cat.

                A strategic thinker at heart she loves to work with home-based business owners, just like you, to solve puzzles and create plans that inspire action, and lead to creating a life you love. 

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                What Others Are Sharing

                I really like the reframing of To-Do lists to Option lists, I can already tell that this is going to work for me.
                It's a surprising difference in mindset to looking at my to do list and thinking I'm never going to get all of that done.

                In general, I really love this challenge and I'm going to try and implement it into my life. It's so easy to understand and do, and I think will help a lot with my procrastination issues. 

                CAROL EL HAWARY

                Cairo, Egypt

                What I love about every course I do with Amy is that it helps pull together the pieces of the puzzle.  It is simple, and one steps flows smoothly into the next. 

                The bite-sized pieces make it really easy to manage. 

                Helen Smith

                Massage Therapist

                #DailyFROG helps me to focus on what is important – not just in my business, but in my personal life.

                Each morning, I spend a few minutes mentally running through what I need and want to achieve during the coming day.
                Writing it down consolidates it all in my brain, and makes it more achievable - #TADA!! I love the inclusion of #ForMe & #GiveValue. These ensure I also include my own wellbeing, and that of others (family, friends, customers) in my plans for the day.

                Jo Brosnan

                Kaszazz Team Leader

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                Let’s Connect

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