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Discografia Litfiba 19822012 22: A Complete Guide To The Italian Rock Band's Albums

Discografia Litfiba 19822012 22: A Complete Guide to the Italian Rock Band's Albums

If you are a fan of Italian rock music, you may have heard of Litfiba, one of the most influential and successful bands in the country. Litfiba was formed in Florence in 1980 and had a long and prolific career that spanned over three decades. They started as a new wave band influenced by British rock, but later developed their own distinctive style that blended Mediterranean vibes, hard rock, punk, and folk elements. Their songs are mostly sung in Italian and deal with themes such as politics, society, love, and spirituality.

Discografia Litfiba 19822012 22: A Complete Guide to the Italian Rock Band's Albums

In this article, we will explore the discography of Litfiba, from their debut album to their latest release. We will also provide some information about the band's history, members, and legacy. Whether you are a longtime fan or a curious listener, this guide will help you discover or rediscover the music of Litfiba.

Litfiba 3 (1988)

Litfiba 3 was the first full-length studio album by Litfiba, released in 1988. It was also the first album to feature Piero Pelà as the lead singer, who joined the band in 1980. The album marked a transition from the new wave sound of their previous EPs to a more rock-oriented style. The songs on Litfiba 3 are catchy, energetic, and diverse, ranging from synth-pop ("Yassassin") to hard rock ("Tex") to reggae ("Lacio Drom"). The album was a commercial success and established Litfiba as one of the leading bands in the Italian rock scene.

17 Re (1986)

17 Re was the second studio album by Litfiba, released in 1986. It was a concept album based on the life and legend of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who was known as the "Fairy Tale King" for his eccentricity and his passion for art and architecture. The album was a musical and lyrical masterpiece that showcased Litfiba's creativity and versatility. The songs on 17 Re are rich in imagery, symbolism, and references to history, literature, and mythology. The album also featured some of Litfiba's most famous songs, such as "Re del Silenzio", "Cangaceiro", and "Eroi nel Vento".

El Diablo (1990)

El Diablo was the third studio album by Litfiba, released in 1990. It was a darker and heavier album than their previous ones, influenced by metal and hard rock bands such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath. The album also had a political edge, as it criticized the corruption and violence of the Italian society at the time. The songs on El Diablo are powerful, aggressive, and catchy, with memorable riffs and choruses. The album was a huge success both critically and commercially, selling over one million copies and becoming one of the best-selling albums in Italy.

Terremoto (1993)

Terremoto was the fourth studio album by Litfiba, released in 1993. It was a more melodic and atmospheric album than El Diablo, with influences from folk, blues, and world music. The album also had a spiritual theme, as it explored the relationship between man and nature. The songs on Terremoto are poetic, emotional, and complex, with layers of sounds and instruments. The album was another hit for Litfiba, reaching the top of the charts and winning several awards.

Infinito (1999)

Infinito was the fifth studio album by Litfiba, released in 1999. It was also the last album to feature Piero Pelà as the lead singer before he left the band in 1999 to pursue a solo career. The album was a return to their rock roots after their previous experimental albums EutÃpia (1996) and Spirito (1994). The songs on Infinito are simple, direct, and energetic, with catchy hooks and melodies. The album was well received by fans and critics alike.

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