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Alexsys Jobs Alaska NEW!

Positions posted for Barrow are NOT all slope-based oil patch jobs. But, as field development marches westward, rotational work positions based out of Barrow are starting to show up. So, it's worthwhile to keep an eye on this area.

alexsys jobs alaska

You'll see openings posted for both the North Slope and Kenai. Jobs in the Kenai oil and gas fields are not always rotational positions. Some are regular 40 hr week jobs. You'll need to read the job description to determine if the position is considered local or remote rotational.

Jobs with Hilcorp run the gamut from Anchorage office positions in engineering, accounting, procurement, HSE, Drilling, etc. to rotational jobs on the Slope (and Kenai and Cook Inlet) dealing with production, operations, engineering, drill site management, Safety & Environmental, etc.

Lynden Logistics is just one of a number of Lynden Companies that does work in AK and in the lower 48. They operate a warehouse in Prudhoe Bay that does freight consolidation, shipping, warehousing & distribution. They also have numerous Anchorage jobs and from what I hear, their slope jobs are often filled-from-within.

NDC provides a comprehensive listing of all advertised openings from each of their companies on their Employment webpage. While you can visit each subsidiary website separately to look for jobs, it really isn't necessary. Don't you wish every corporation was this organized when it came to providing employment information?

There are numerous pathways to a great career. Many people choose the college or university route, but multiple high paying jobs require no college education at all. What are these careers and how can Alaskans train to get them?

One way to consider the employment status is to look at the Midtown Job Center in Anchorage and see how many job-seekers are visiting them, what employers are seeking in applicants and what jobs are available in the current economy.


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