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!EXCLUSIVE! Crack Baby Athletic Association Parody Song

The business quickly prospers, and the group prepares to cut a deal with EA Sports for a video game based upon their sport. Despite Cartman insisting that they are a nonprofit organization, Kyle tells him that he is uncomfortable with the idea of selling the babies' likenesses to EA Sports while giving them nothing, so Cartman promises to find out how "other companies get away with it". He goes to the athletic department at the University of Colorado dressed as a Southern planter and referring to the University student athletes as "slaves", but gets no advice on how to treat his own "slaves" from the affronted president. Kyle comes up with a plan to compensate the crack babies by spending 30% of the money from the deal on a state-of-the-art orphanage and presents it to Cartman; much to Kyle's surprise, Cartman actually approves of the scheme, due to the public goodwill it will generate. Meanwhile, Clyde and Craig try to get in touch with the guitarist Slash in an attempt to have him perform a halftime show at an upcoming crack baby fight. However, they discover that Slash is actually a make-believe character based on a Dutch legend named "Vunter Slaush", and that the various incarnations of Slash they have encountered are just their parents in costume. This explains why Slash appears to be everywhere at once, even playing a show in Moscow and in Colorado Springs in the same afternoon.

crack baby athletic association parody song


Ms. BARR: Well, the crack baby myth hadn't been, you know, advertised as much as it was later on. You know, I didn't want to drink, I didn't want to smoke cigarettes, I didn't want to really do anything while I was pregnant. But one of the reasons I kept using during my first pregnancy was because, well, like, I always like to say if pregnancy was a cure for addiction, we could just go out and get all the female addicts pregnant, and, hey, no more addiction. But it's not a cure for addiction. So, even though I thought about stopping, it wasn't that easy.

Dr. BELL: The fear was that women who were pregnant who were using crack cocaine would cause some brain changes in their infants. The concern since crack is a stimulant - cocaine is a stimulant - was that these areas in the brain that dealt with the issue of stimulation like attention deficit disorder or even bipolar disorder might be overly activated or somehow distorted while the baby's brain was developing. So there were all these really silly ideas about hyper aggressiveness, attention deficit disorder, manic depressive disorder in these children.

Probably one of the most memorable Family Guy episodes, this is not only the one in which baby Stewie Griffin mercilessly beats the anthropomorphic family dog Brian over a minor debt, but also the one in which an entire football stadium sing the song "Shipoopi" from The Music Man, with choreography.

The episode saw Peter Griffin brought onto the New England Patriots roster as a center after Tom Brady saw him plow through a room of people while intoxicated to reach the toilet and vomit. After helping Brady score a touchdown, Griffin leads the stadium in song, parodying the eccentric and occasionally choreographed stunts that used to be performed by NFL players after touchdowns. After this stunt, Griffin was sent to play for the London Silly Nannies in England. Tom Brady provided his own voice for the episode.


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