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General Information

Nature of Coaching

Wisteria Enterprises services are of an Exploration, Education, and Entertainment nature only.  They are not to be used as a replacement for therapy, financial advice, or medical treatments.  

Your Call

Clients and website patrons waive the right to hold Wisteria Enterprises or Amy Taylor liable for the consequences of actions you choose to take or do not take.  You are responsible for your results and the actions you choose to implement. 

Invoices will be sent at the agreed timeframe (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly). Payments are to be made prior to our session.  Packages are to be paid even if services aren't redeemed. 

General Bookings are made at:

Bookings for VIP sessions are made online at:

Unless otherwise organised we will use Zoom for our conversation - links will be emailed with your booking confirmation.
Zoom provides both phone or video options.  

Unless you state otherwise all conversations may be recorded.

Personal sessions are maintained in password-protected files on both my desktop and in my zoom account. You can request access to recordings of these sessions for up to 3 months from the time of the session.  

Group Mentoring sessions are uploaded into the library of the relevant program for other students (Current and in the Future) to access as a resource.  Please share only what you are comfortable to have placed in this public forum in the group sessions. 

To avoid a full fee charge or forfeit of the session rescheduling or cancellations should be conducted at least 24 hours before the booked time.  

If either of us is thinking there is a challenge with the coaching, we agree to bring it up with one another and resolve it. We don’t do hidden agendas, unspoken hurts, or misunderstandings. We just say it.  

Online resources
These will be provided through a number of platforms please check your welcome email to confirm. Most commonly these are Thinkific online courses, Wix online membership platform, and files/conversations/units in Facebook groups. 

In between sessions
You may require contact in between our formal appointments. You may have a challenge, need someone to brainstorm with, or have a win you want to share. You can reach me via Facebook messenger or utilise the Facebook Group.  I enjoy providing this additional support and service, and there is no charge for this.  I ask that you keep these messages to the point and highly focused.  I will respond within 24 hours Monday- Saturday. 

Coaching standards
As an associate member of the International Coach Guild (ICG) I am bound by and follow a set of coaching ethics. I commit to uphold these standards throughout our coaching. Including undertaking continual professional development.

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