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Design, Plan & Create

a Life you love

At Home, In Business,

From Within

Your life - Your Way

A better tomorrow starts by taking care of TODAY


Strategic Solutions

Click on the boxes to explore our comprehensive range of resources and expert guidance designed to support you as you create a life you truly love.

At Home

In Business

From Within

Luxurious Home

Home Management

Transform your Household Choas into a Sanctuary

Discover how to manage your homes so you have the mental space to tap into your creative potential.  

Create a space for you to explore your Passions.
WFH Setup


Business Planning 

Set yourself up for Success with Checklists

Uncover the 5 key components of SMART business. 

Access 27 template checklists for day-to-day and long-term business planning. 
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Build a team of champions

Unlock your
Creative Potential


Decode your self-sabotage patterns, to become self-empowered. 

Reignite your Passions and develop Habits and Rituals to fulfill your Soul Purpose. 

Do you want to make every day count? 

Share your wins, struggles, and intentions in a warm, safe, connected environment. 

Be inspired as you Champion others on their journey to create a life they love

Empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you approach your day, create time for you, and connect with extraordinary people

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Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor has the most uncanny knack of turning what is hidden or unseen into something visible, whether it's a checklist, an amazing infographic, or simply an insight into your unconscious patterns, she makes it easy to see what needs to happen next. 

Living with her husband of  1+ years, 4 children, and cats. Obsessed with jigsaw puzzles, she's done stand-up comedy to a live audience and can solve the Rubiks cube in under 2 minutes.

A strategic thinker at heart she loves to work with home-based business owners, just like you, to design, plan and create a life you love. 


What Others Are Sharing

I really like the reframing of To-Do lists to Option lists, I can already tell that this is going to work for me.
It's a surprising difference in mindset to looking at my to do list and thinking I'm never going to get all of that done.

In general, I really love this challenge and I'm going to try and implement it into my life. It's so easy to understand and do, and I think will help a lot with my procrastination issues. 


Cairo, Egypt

What I love about every course I do with Amy is that it helps pull together the pieces of the puzzle.  It is simple, and one steps flows smoothly into the next. 

The bite-sized pieces make it really easy to manage. 

Helen Smith

Massage Therapist

#DailyFROG helps me to focus on what is important – not just in my business, but in my personal life.

Each morning, I spend a few minutes mentally running through what I need and want to achieve during the coming day.
Writing it down consolidates it all in my brain, and makes it more achievable - #TADA!! I love the inclusion of #ForMe & #GiveValue. These ensure I also include my own wellbeing, and that of others (family, friends, customers) in my plans for the day.

Jo Brosnan

Kaszazz Team Leader

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