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Do you want to build your self-awareness?

Download this Profiles Checklist to enhance your Self-DISCOVEY Journey!!

Self Discovery (2).png

Contained in the Checklist are the top 21 Profiles I needed to discover answers and build my awareness to be able to create a life I love. 

Look inside they said… but all I found was darkness.

Be yourself they said… but I’d long forgotten who I truly was.

This is the reason I love profiles.

Yes, there’s shadow work, yes we can embrace feeling to heal etc etc…

And, for me, and my logic brain, I needed to start my journey of reclaiming my power, and rediscovering who I was with some guides.

Neutral guides. Where I answered the questions and what was reflected to me had no agenda.

This is the reason I love profiles as a coach.

They bypass my biases. They navigate past my limitations. They allow my clients to get the cleanest reflections to what they say.

They become a road map, the guide, to uncover conditioning in play, to remind us of the gifts we contain, and experiment in life to discover who we were always meant to be.

Profiles, patterns, and philosophies are the foundation of my personal discovery journey.

Learning how I make Decisions.

Getting broad insights into my Inclinations.

Making my Self-perceptions visible and measurable.

Understanding my Communication preferences.

Observing my Organisation styles. Revealing what matters most to me, my values.

Exploring how I Engage with projects, tasks, and people.

Unpacking Relationship dynamics.
They become the guides to Create Your Life, Your Way


This is why I love profiles, I'm curious, do you love them too? 

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