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The Self-Discovery Program is a Hybrid Coaching Course - for coaches, consultants, and course creators that guides Transformational Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators to understand themselves more fully in 12 months without only finding darkness when they look inside, following misaligned mentors, or feeling like they need to fit themselves into a box so they can create a thriving business and live a life they love. In this program, you will discover your patterns and preferences leveraging profiles as a guide to better understand yourself. You will then piece all the information together as you go out into the world and explore the various opportunities available for you. We will look at the 9 key pillars to create a life filled with fulfillment. Decision Making Inclinations Self-Perceptions Communication Organisation Values Engagement Relationship Dynamics Your Uniqness It combines individual sessions with online content and group discussions. If you know it is time for you to understand yourself more deeply so you can create more transformation with your clients then this program is probably for you. If you have further questions please book a call to chat with me at:



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