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Day Four



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Video Transcript: 

Good day and welcome to day four of these five steps to finding your inner fulfillment, exercise and exploration.


Yesterday we started to explore our physical needs.  Our productivity through the taking care of ourselves. The day before we focused on the tada's. I trust you kept that up I'd love to know if you're loving it and and really enjoying noticing the progress that you're making. The day before we let go of obligations and shoulds and we started to embrace possibilities, choices, and expanding what we notice within our world.

Today, we're going to focus on expanding our productivity, just a fraction. There are four key things that need to be taken care of each and every day. And anything that doesn't fit into one of these categories. I would perhaps ask that maybe you consider that it doesn't need to be on your list.


There's a couple of ways, we can categorize our productivity. This one is really small and simple.

In my more advanced productivity trainings we look at beyond this, this is just taking care of the day to day. And in the beginning, that's where we all need to start taking care of the day to day. I remember years ago when I first started out, taking care of the hour was was more than I could fathom and more than I could imagine. And so we want to start small. These four steps could be applied to the next hour, it could be applied to the day it could be applied to the week. And as we learn and grow and dive deeper into productivity together, there are weekly plans, there are other things that we can explore for today though we are going to focus on these four pillars of fulfillment.

We touched on one of them yesterday
in our sunshine, water, hanging out with people that feed us good soil that are good soil for us to grow in and getting our heart pumping, starting to beat a little faster or beep a little faster depending on what we're aiming and focusing on. That's our #ForMe, that's starting to take care of ourselves. The first pillar towards fulfillment and feeling like you've achieved and accomplished what you needed to at the end of the day is having you on your to do list, having you on your options list, having you on, on your list focusing on you taking care of and doing something that's just for you.


Because you deserve it. We all deserve it. The way we feel fulfilled is when we acknowledge just how lovable and worthy we are, through that demonstration demonstrating that act for ourselves. So the first pillar is for me, or for you. #ForMe


The second pillar is what's #Required. Generally, we have stuff scheduled. So for example, today I had a 5:30am coaching appointment. I have an 11am coaching appointment. I have a 1230 lunch date that I think may have just got canceled because I just got text message as I was recording this. A 2pm coaching session and my kids will be at school between nine and three. And my child's just added into that as I dropped him off this morning - picking him up at some point as well. They're all my required they are scheduled in. There's a level of obligation in them, they have a deadline, I have a timeframe.


Required is anything that has a specific time frame, and a specific set block.


The next is our #Options what we want to do is look at our options list and pull out anything that's #Outstanding. Now outstanding can be anything that's overdue. We want to take care of those first. Or it can be anything that is exemplary, extraordinary, outstanding in the way of going above and beyond. We want to pick one, maybe two, no more than three things that we're going to aim to get done today. So for example, on my outstanding list I don't actually remember if I put this on my outstanding list, doing this video would be an example of doing something outstanding - in that it's both overdue, and extraordinary. 


Then our fourth pillar.
(Let's recap) the first pillar #ForMe, the second pillar, what's #Required what's scheduled, what's already locked in that must be done today. That's the scheduled what's on our options our #Outstanding pick one, two or three items from that, once they're done, you can add to it, you don't want to add more than that you want it you want to keep that short and sweet. Keep your options and your outstanding lists somewhat separate.


The fourth pillar is to #GiveValue. And that's that's taking care of or building a relationship or doing something for someone else. My own rule around this and in the beginning, you can do it any way you choose. In the long term. You can do it any way you choose, but my own rule around this is that the giving value isn't to me that's taken care of in #ForMe, the giving value isn't to my family. That's partly in #ForMe, it's just it's a part of my everyday and I really want the #GiveValue to go above and beyond. It could be doing something like this video which I trust is giving value to you guys. Or it could be smiling a little old lady in supermarket, it could be text messaging that friend you haven't heard from a little from in a little while and just saying, Hey, are you okay? 

So giving value I do extend it outside of my family, potentially in the beginning potentially whatever your value set is maybe you will include your family in this. Personally I like to stretch myself and so give value for me is is something external, something above and beyond what I would normally do to make someone's day and like I say it can be really small a small at someone in the supermarket is a massive impact has a massive impact or has potential to have a massive impact on them. And so that's a wonderful way to give value a note in your neighbors litter box, a text message a Facebook post, so many ways we can give value and focus on the world around us.


Those (are the) four pillars so our daily plans are now done through these four pillars.

What am I doing #ForMe today? Taking into account your needs and maybe going a step beyond so have I got my sunshine? Have I got my heart beating? Have I got my hydration? Am I hanging out with a tribe of people that support and nourish me, how am I being nourished? And then maybe you go above and beyond that maybe you have a bubble bath, maybe you have a chai latte? Maybe you're seeing an insight into what's for me, whatever it is for you. There's there's no right or wrong with this.


We take care #ForMe, then we take care of what's #Required. We start with that so that we know what we're adding in our outstanding is possible. So if I've got 12 coaching appointments, that's a little bit extreme. If I've got so what am I got today? So I had (appointments at) 530 11 1230 2 and then the kids this afternoon so my outstanding list is a little bit shorter today because I've got so many other appointments and schedules. We don't want to over schedule ourselves. We don't want to overburden ourselves. The idea is to give ourselves something that's manageable and achievable, excuse the flies, something that's manageable and achievable so that we get to the end of the day and we feel fulfilled.


We want to make promises that we're going to follow through and keep so #Required #Outstanding and #GiveValue. 

Any questions, pop on into the group, share what you loved what you learnt, what you're going to start to apply, what might be on your list and start contributing on the #DailyFROG posts or the daily posts with whatever it is for you. So your #TADAs, are welcome, your #DailyFROG, your #Options. All of those are starting to bring us towards our fulfillment starting to connect us even more with ourselves.


I really look forward to sharing tomorrow's piece with you which will take us to another level again. You guys have been fantastic rocking out. I really enjoyed watching your progress. I really love how you're sharing. I really love the engagement we've got in the group. I look forward to seeing you there.



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