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Day Three



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Video Transcript:
G'day team and welcome back to day three of these five days you connecting with your inner fulfillment, exploration and discovery process.


On day one, we transferred our to-do's to options, letting go obligations, shoulds, musts, have to's and embracing possibilities and choice. Yesterday we started to explore the TADA's, the things already done and accomplished where you're already succeeding. And I trust at this point, you're starting to get a glimmer of that inner fulfillment within you.


Today, we're gonna focus a little bit on productivity. And there are so many things that we have on our task lists so many things that we we add to our options lists. One of the key principles to being productive is that we are taken care of.


What I notice a lot of people are focusing on is external stuff, how do I make more money? How do I clean the house? How do I build a better relationship with my partner? How do I how do I how do I? Very few people are asking themselves the question, "How do I take care of myself?" 


Today, we're going to add YOU to your options list.


This is the place where I kind of am open to you having a to do and having a list of key essentials. It needs to be short, it needs to be sweet. Now I like to think about this is as humans, we are basically complicated houseplants with a heartbeat. Let me explain what I mean by that. So if we're growing houseplants, which is not my area of expertise by any stretch of the imagination, they need sunshine, they need water. They need good soil around them. And then we're complicated houseplants so we need to get our heart pumping. The same applies to us. We need sunshine. We need water. We need good soil around us. And what I mean by that in the context of us is people that are championing us people that are supporting us, rather than people that aren't. A plant trying to grow in a field full of weeds is going to get torn down is going to get shredded, is going to be denied the sunlight is going to wither and fade away.


We want to be surrounded by others who are growing not to compare to them; a flower doesn't see it in the field and look at the other flowers around it and wonder if it's blooming well enough. It just blooms. We want to be surrounded by people that are uplifting. We want to be surrounded by people that support, us champion us, nurture us, nourish us. 


We want to give ourselves 5 to 10 minutes in the sun every day. Adequate hydration. Surround ourselves with the people that will support us, nuture us, nourish us.  And do something to get our heart beating faster. What that means is often the E word which I'm not a huge fan of, which is my own limitation, I have lots. I'm not a huge fan of the word exercise. What I am a fan of though, is getting my heart pumping, which looks very similar. It's just my own aversion to the word. So each day at the moment, I'm doing something that puts me in the sunshine. So I'm thoroughly enjoying and thoroughly enjoying sitting out here in the bush. It's just divine. I trust you guys can hear the birds in the background, sitting slightly lower than my pipe last week because this is where I got to, and I'm okay with that. My heart was pumping. It was beating pretty fast and so I can tick that off.


We're gonna do something that gets our heart pumping now that could be walk up a flight of stairs. It could be walk down a hill. It could be intimate acts with your partner. Are we up to being able to say the word sex, I feel a little bit like blushing and childlike. Anything that gets your heart Beeping Beeping I'm so on beeping today, we're going to beep our hearts faster, anything, gets our heart beating faster. Five to 10 minutes in the sun, and then making sure you get adequate hydration.


Four things, so let me recap. So we need sunshine, we need water. We need to surround ourselves with people that champion us and we need to get our heart beeping or beating faster each and every day.


That could also be stepping outside of your comfort zone I dont mind what gets your heart beating faster. It might be the anticipation of something or it could be the movement that creates that.


We're going to start to do that we're going to let go of the massiveness we're going to take a moment and be present to ourselves and our own needs. Now our needs extend further than this. We've focused purely on the physical needs. That's okay. We can explore more deeply the emotional needs for the moment focus on your physical needs.


Have you had sun? Have you got water? Have you moved? And do you have people around you that support you, nourish you,  champion you?  


That's your home play today. Now, if you don't already have a community of people around you that support you nourish you champion you. Come and join us in the #DailyFROG group.  

Here's the link again for you. :

And connect with a team of people that are there to champion support, nurture, even in the rough times, even in your being a dick, but we're here for you. We're with you. It is a beautiful community and you are welcome to join us and become part of the tribe that is supported, nourished and championed, as we support, nourish, and champion those around us.

I take it you've got some value from these come share in the group, what you loved what you learnt what you are going to start to apply. I look forward to seeing you there. Bye

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