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Video Transcript:
Good day and welcome back to day two of this find your inner fulfillment challenge.

Yesterday we let go of the obligations the musts the perfectionism the have to and started to embrace   choice and possibilities by transferring our to do list into an options list. I trust that went well for you. If you haven't done that yet, go back and redo that exercise. If you have and you haven't shared in the Facebook group go share on the Facebook group. What did you love? What did you learn?


What we're here today to do is to shift our focus even more. Yesterday, we shifted our focus from necessity and obligation to possibilities and potential. Today we're going to shift our focus from what's not done what's in front of us to what we've already achieved what we've already accomplished.

What I've noticed as I work with clients, and what they're starting to notice is that they're focused is on the next thing. And when we focus on the next thing, there's a sense of looming. I don't know if you guys can see if I can flick the video, let's see, I can't think of it here. So up that way, my heads up, oh, there's pipes. And if I go that way a little bit, there's like a flight of stairs going up the hill. And then down that way is a flight of stairs going down the hill. Now I'm sitting here in the middle. And it would be really easy for me to, like, I can focus on one of them. Am I going to focus on what's looming ahead of me going up the hill, or am I going to focus on I rock, I walked up those steps. I'm here. I'm at this like middle ground point. What I find is that most people, many people are focusing on what's to come.


While we're looking at what's in what's ahead of us. What's in the future. We want we never feel a sense of fulfillment, our sense of fulfillment comes when we look at what we've achieved when we look at the things we've already accomplished, when we look at how far we have come, and we start to acknowledge our progress, I like to call these lists TADA.

We've given up to-do and we've got options now we are ready to give up todo and we're going to start to focus on TADA. TADA standing for things already done, and or accomplished. This is such a great way to notice how far you've come to notice your success. And as you notice how far you've come as you notice your success. As you notice your progress. As you look at the things already done, and the things already accomplished. We can't help but feel a sense of fulfillment. And as you embrace that sense of fulfillment, that's what we're here for a sense of inner fulfillment.


It won't come by looking at what you have to do. It won't come by looking at what you're choosing to do in the future. It will always come by looking back and celebrating the things already done and accomplished. And each and every day, there is something that we have accomplished. Each and every day, we've woken up each and every day, maybe not each and every day. Most days, we've got out of bed. If we've chosen not to get out of bed, we've still accomplished something because we're resting and we're recuperating and allowing our body to heal. So whether you've got up or whether you haven't got up, there's something there that you can acknowledge in your accomplishments.


Wherever you are, in your journey, wherever you are, whatever your goals are, whatever you're aiming for, there's something to acknowledge. My goal for this term, this quarter, is to get to the top of this hill without needing a rest. This morning I got three-quarters of the way up there. I took three rests. That's progress, because three days ago, I got three-quarters of the way up the top of the hill, and I took about five rests. So I'm progressing. We want to look at our progress. We want to look at the things already done and the things accomplished.


I trust you've got epic value from this video. Again, come in to the Facebook group and share what did you love? What did you learn? And what are you going to start doing differently? What can you celebrate?


Start using the #TADA and sharing your successes. We'd love to champion you.

Have a great day, guys.

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