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Video Transcript:
G'day and welcome to day one of the finding your inner fulfillment challenge. (AKA the 5 keys to raising your productivity). 

Today we're going to talk about task lists todo lists, and how they really don't serve us.

One of the most common things I hear; One of the things that my clients say to me most often about their to-do list is I just feel like I must, I have to get everything done. If I don't achieve everything, I feel worthless. If there's something left at the end of the day. I feel like I'm not good enough. There's a sense of obligation, of pressure, of necessity that comes to life when we create to-do lists. And so tonight, we're going to dump them, and most people, at this point start to freak out.

That's okay. If you're freaking out, that's okay. If you're rejoicing, thinking you're never going to have to look at a list again. It's not what's going to happen.

What's going to happen is that we're going to dump the to-do lists, we're going to let go of the obligation of the necessity of the perfection. And we're going to embrace what I like to call options, lists. 

An option list looks very similar to a to-do list, without the obligation without the necessity without the pressure. Instead, it comes with possibilities with choice with a sense of freedom, with a sense of alignment, and a sense of tapping into what you know matters most.

The to-do list is indiscriminate, and it's long and it's endless. The options list is also long and probably endless. However, you can carry things forward on option list you can move things around, you can create priorities. And so today as you write your list, and I encourage you to write a list, because if we're avoiding what we want to do if we're avoiding what is actually needed to do if we're avoiding what's for us, what's required, what's going to be outstanding, and how we're going to give value if we're avoiding documenting that, then we're missing out.

We want to document it. We want to document it in a way that gives us choice enhances our focus on the possibilities and gives us that sense of independence, that sense of possibility, engagement, and freedom. So your to-do list is going to be renamed to an obligation, not to an obligation list that would be weird. That's what we're moving away from, to an options list. And in that, you're going to let go of perfectionism. You're going to let go of obligation. You're going to let go of should you're going to let go of need to must have to and you're going to embrace. I might, maybe, potentially, possibly, I could.

And then you going to pick out a handful of things. Just three and say I will today I will not I have to not I must. Not I should: today I choose to, today I choose to take action on these three items, and maybe you'll do more, maybe you'll do less. Irrespectively you're going to notice a shift. I'd love for you to come and share in the group. What's the shift that you notice as you rename your to-do list and start to embrace the possibilities of an options list?

For those of you that haven't met me, my name is Amy Taylor. I'm a productivity coach and I rock out helping people design their success. Have a phenomenal day. I look forward to hearing what you love what you learned and anything else you would like to share in the Facebook group.

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